Steve Weldon is a beauty and portrait photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. Some of his work has been featured on numerous sites such as the World’s Best Photography Portraits, @indiefilmlab, One Fab Day and on @travelinglightfilm, a platform which helps connect film photographers around the globe and establishes the film scene in Europe.

Steve shoots a mix of analogue and digital and is always experimenting with new techniques and chasing the light! He shoots with the latest digital equipment and 35 mm and medium format analogue, depending on the projects. One more thing, in case you haven't noticed, he is a sucker for black and white photography!

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Frequently Asked Questions



Do you work with models on a TFP basis?

Absolutely! I love to photograph agencies' new faces and those models who are in development. Model test shoots are a great way to portfolio build, and also a great fun way for me to experiment with new stuff and shoot a little for myself.


Do you travel for international projects?

I've travelled a bit to test shoot some new models, and more than once! Some places I've been to test shoot include Italy (Esprit Management) and recently to the UK to test shoot for Elite London.


Do you shoot digital or analogue?

Both! I've always been more inclined to reach for my digital camera than one of my film cameras, but more recently film has been getting much more of a look in. I always carry a film camera to shoots, and one day I would love to shoot exclusively film.