“Black and white are the colours of photography....”


STEVE WELDON - self-taught, portrait photographer (with a few weddings thrown in too), based in Dublin, Ireland. Steve decided to take his photography to the next level by successfully completing an Online Diploma in Photography through The Photography Institute. Steve lives and works in Dublin, Ireland and some of his work has been featured in online websites such as One Fab Day, Mrs2BeDirty FabulousWorld's Best Photography Portrait Group and on @travelinglightfilm, a platform to help connect film photographers around the globe and establish the film scene in Europe. 


Steve's work focuses on capturing a moment in time, whether it's portraiture, lifestyle imagery, or just the perfect light.

Always experimenting with new techniques, Steve Weldon is equally comfortable with analog and digital technologies, and uses both according to the needs of the project. Steve shoots a mixture of digital and film - from 35mm to 6x7 and can be seen quite often carrying more than 2 cameras at once.


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