War Memorial ParkNathalie & PeterDublin, Ireland

Location, props and love

Firstly, we decided to shoot Nathalie and Peter’s engagement photos in Dublin’s War Memorial Park. These gardens are one of the most famous memorial gardens in Europe and the weather was perfect! Since Nathalie and Peter had mentioned their wedding theme to me I advised that they should maybe bring along some props so that we could get some memorable photos and perhaps they could use some of them on their wedding day – and that’s exactly what they did because they actually brought bags full of props with them to their engagement photo shoot! From wigs, pearls, cigars yet perhaps the most noteworthy of their props was a fake horse! Natalie and Peter were so much fun – as if their props didn’t already give that away already! Their engagement session was filled with fun, laughter and love and I wish these two all the best with their plans for their special day!

Enjoy the photos…