Dunboyne CastleCiara & DarrenCo. Meath, Ireland

I met Ciara and Darren a few years ago and despite not having much contact with them, one thing always stayed with me; and that was how much fun these guys have when they are with each other! Oh and how infectious Ciara’s smile was!! (that’s two, but that’s ok)…. so of course when they asked me to photograph their wedding day there was never any doubt I would photograph it. They chose to get married in a beautiful little church in Cavan and then back to the stunning grounds of Dunboyne Castle to hold the reception, and what a special day it was….

You’ll need tissues for this one!

Here’s their story….

“Steve Weldon Photography made my husband and I feel like absolute naturals in front of the camera. He made every minute of it fun and we laughed all the way through which made us relax and enjoy it even more. Both our engagement and wedding pictures turned out absolutely PHENOMENAL. Darren and I are so glad that we have such incredible pictures to remember the most important and amazing day in our lives.” Ciara & Darren McCarthy