About me

The Photographer

Since a child I have had a passion for photography; I would sort through bags of old film and negatives, and I can also remember buying a few disposable cameras with my savings! Photography got pretty serious for me (some would say addicted) about 6 years when I started carrying a camera or 2 almost everywhere I went! I have photographed everything from cake smashes, christenings, communions, concerts and birthday parties. From time to time I also enjoy getting into the studio for some studio work. However, shooting weddings is what I enjoy most!


To be a part of a couple’s wedding day is a true honour. To be invited document their day and to be the memory holder is something truly special. It gives me the opportunity to witness the “behind the scenes” of the couple’s years of planning, investment and commitment; witnessing my client’s wedding unfolding into one intimate and very special day right before my eyes.

Capturing fleeting moments forever as they happen is simply priceless….

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Black and white are the colours of photography. To me they symbolise the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.

Shooting film

As a wedding photographer, my objective is to provide my clients with stunning images of their wedding day which will allow them to relieve each and every moment of it.
Every so often I also shoot some rolls of film and send them off to a lab to be developed! I believe shooting film has definitely made me a better photographer. It makes me slow down to ensure everything is perfect before clicking the shutter. The only hard part about it is waiting for the film to come back from the lab, but that’s also the exciting part! 😀

Moments happen, moments pass, some are forgotten, but there are some that are treasured forever…